Towing Services in Denver, Colorado

When you're on the road, you need to be moving. Anything that prevents your vehicle from safely transporting you from one place to another needs immediate service, and that's what Northside Towing is here to provide. Whether you locked your keys in your car or need towing services after a crash, our roadside assistance professionals will help you and your vehicle get to the people who can help. We're located throughout Denver and beyond for your convenience.


Towing Near You

As a full-service towing company, Northside Towing is prepared for any situation that may require our expertise. Every day, our towing technicians hit the roads throughout Denver to provide:

  • Light-duty towing: For the average car, truck, van or motorcycle on the road, light-duty towing is sufficient. Our on-road technicians handle hauling with roll-back flatbeds and recovery wreckers, whether you've been in an accident or have a simple breakdown.
  • Heavy-duty towing: With heavy-duty machinery comes the need for heavy-duty towing. Semitrucks and tractor-trailers often require specialty equipment to move from place to place. At Northside Towing, our technicians are trained to handle large-scale moving operations and ensure you find a repair center that can get you back to heavy lifting as soon as possible.
  • Emergency towing: Once the firetrucks have secured the scene and the ambulances have taken care of any wounded, our emergency towing team will make sure any vehicles involved get out of the way quickly to restore natural traffic patterns. We stay prepared around the clock to respond to accidents and emergencies at a moment's notice.

Request Roadside Assistance in Denver

Towing is just one form of assistance we can provide. Having an experienced towing team at your disposal can be useful when you need:

  • Tire changes: You bring the spare, and we'll bring the support. When you pop a tire, we'll come to you and install your spare tire so you can get back to your day and schedule replacement for later.
  • Battery jumping: Cold weather is known to zap the energy from car batteries, but a dead battery can occur for any number of reasons. That's why our towing teams keep a battery-jumping kit in every truck, year-round. We'll give you the jump you need to stay on schedule.
  • Vehicle locksmithing: It's almost too easy to lock your keys inside your car accidentally. Luckily, Northside Towing knows how to let you back inside within minutes.
  • Winching: Mud, snow, ditches and drains — you may not notice them until it's too late and your car is stuck in place. Our winching services use secure cable systems to pull your vehicle out of any rut.

Get Trusted Towing Support From Northside

Northside Towing proudly serves the areas in and around Denver, Colorado, maintaining road safety through comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services. Our technicians strive to work quickly and efficiently to minimize your downtime and help you return to your regular schedule as soon as possible. Get round-the-clock roadside assistance by calling 303-776-5114 or reaching out online.


Jessica M.

Got a flat last week with no air conditioner on I-25 with my 13 year old daughter on our way home from Aurora and Bryan was out within 20 min to help! He was very friendly and made sure we were safe in his truck when arriving. I have always and will always continue to use Northside towing! Also the best prices around!

Dean M.

So great to have such an awesome driver and prompt, friendly service. Travis did an amazing job for me and I strongly recommend Northside Towing. Wish I could give more stars!!

Tom P.

Great service from Will on Towing my classic Corvette. Will called ahead and was right on time. He treated my car carefully just like I would, was very professional and got my car to the shop without any worries. I would recommend Northside to anyone in the car hobby.