Heavy Duty Equipment Hauling Services

Expert Heavy Equipment Moving Services

Heavy-duty vehicles like tractor-trailers, straight trucks, tankers, bob tails, construction equipment and more, all take special heavy-duty hauling equipment/wreckers to tow or recover them. That’s why it’s vital to book your towing services with Northside Towing as we are fully equipped to handle any and all break downs, winching services, and the unfortunate accident that happens from time to time.

At Northside Towing, we specialize in heavy equipment hauling and towing, making us your go-to resource for heavy-duty vehicle transportation.

When you book our Landoll towing services in Colorado, you can expect to receive the fastest and most efficient assistance in the area. For over 40 years, our experienced drivers have helped motorists recover their vehicles and transport them to safety.

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Heavy-Duty Towing and Heavy Equipment Hauling Services

We use our reliable fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks and Landoll to move heavyweight vehicles where they need to go. Our high-tech and versatile heavy-duty wreckers are capable of towing very heavy loads and special equipment. Our drivers are very skilled and have the necessary experience to handle the towing and recovering of many different types of vehicles and equipment. We’ve got you covered!

Northside Towing can assist numerous heavy-duty vehicle types, including:

  • Big rigs.
  • Dump trucks.
  • Tractor-trailers.
  • Motor homes.
  • Cement trucks.
  • Garbage trucks.
  • Semi-trucks.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers.
  • Heavy construction equipment.
  • Bobtail trucks.
  • Straight Trucks.

We perform everything from heavy-duty hauling, breakdown services, and accident recovery to help you get your vehicle back on the road with minimal downtime.

Flatbed Trucking and Hauling Services

If you work in the construction business, you know the challenges of transporting heavy equipment from job site to job site. That’s why we make heavy-duty hauling easy with our flatbed equipment moving services. When you call us to ship your heavy machinery, we’ll use our highly durable Landoll trailers and service trucks to transport them anywhere in the U.S.

Our flatbeds are equipped to carry even the heaviest vehicles, keeping them securely in place over long distances. Whether you’re looking to haul an oversized load within your state or across the country, our qualified drivers are prepared to get it there with our specialized service vehicles.

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Why Hire a Heavy Equipment Transportation Company?

Whether you’re moving heavy machinery from site to site or need to bring a new investment to your headquarters, there are many advantages to hiring a professional for heavy equipment hauling in Northern Colorado and the surrounding area.

Benefits of partnering with a construction equipment hauling company include:


An established heavy equipment transport company can put your mind at ease and provide references you can trust.


A heavy-duty hauling firm will have the equipment and experience to ensure the safety of your machinery and personnel.


The team running a professional heavy equipment transportation company will understand the escort needs, route planning, permits, vehicles and other details involved in ensuring a move goes smoothly.

Insurance Coverage

A trusted heavy-duty hauling company will have insurance to cover any accidents should something happen to your equipment while on the road.

However, damage rarely occurs when you hire a professional equipment transport company since the loading, trucking and unloading of your freight are performed by experienced personnel.

Time and Money Savings

Proper time management is crucial to a successful construction project. Due to recurring costs like employee wages, downtime can be expensive, so you want to make sure your crew has the machinery they need to stay productive. A heavy equipment hauling company will move your load quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Hiring an equipment transport firm will also help you avoid initial purchase costs. Where buying your own heavy-duty hauling equipment will significantly impact your company’s budget, letting professionals put their expertise and investments to work for you is a great way to save time and money.

No Equipment Storage Issues

If you buy your own heavy-duty hauling equipment, you’ll need space to store it to keep it safe from harsh weather conditions or unauthorized access. Calling professionals for heavy equipment transport as needed lets you save that storage space for equipment you’ll use more frequently.

Project-Specific Rentals

As a construction company, you’ll most likely have to rent specialized equipment for the occasional unique project. Hiring an equipment transport crew to handle these project-specific rentals allows you to stay on task and ensure your specialized machinery arrives on-site safely and on time.

No Depreciation Costs or Market Fluctuations

Owning your own hauling equipment means you’ll have depreciation costs to contend with, so you’re unlikely to recoup your investment if you decide to sell it. Working with a construction equipment transport company only as needed eliminates this monetary loss.

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Jessica M.

Got a flat last week with no air conditioner on I-25 with my 13 year old daughter on our way home from Aurora and Bryan was out within 20 min to help! He was very friendly and made sure we were safe in his truck when arriving. I have always and will always continue to use Northside towing! Also the best prices around!

Dean M.

So great to have such an awesome driver and prompt, friendly service. Travis did an amazing job for me and I strongly recommend Northside Towing. Wish I could give more stars!!

Tom P.

Great service from Will on Towing my classic Corvette. Will called ahead and was right on time. He treated my car carefully just like I would, was very professional and got my car to the shop without any worries. I would recommend Northside to anyone in the car hobby.