Call Now For An Emergency Tow Truck

Depending on the situation, tow trucks can be part of a quick emergency response out on the nation's roadways. That means if you find yourself in a serious accident or broken down on the side of the road, your fastest and most reliable point of contact is likely an emergency towing service.

Northside Towing is a seasoned provider when it comes to break downs or accident tow truck recovery services. Our experienced drivers have the advanced skill sets, equipment and recovery tow truck fleet needed to quickly and efficiently remove any vehicle from harms way and return it to safety. With over 40 years of dedicated service, you can trust us with all of your towing needs.

When Are Tow Trucks Considered Emergency Vehicles?

Many roadside situations can be categorized as emergencies — and not every one of them requires what we would think of as a standard emergency vehicle like ambulances or firetrucks. Tow trucks can also be considered emergency vehicles when they are on scene for accident recovery's, vehicle breakdowns or roadside assistance.

If you find yourself in need of one of these emergency services, tow trucks are an excellent resource. When you contact a towing company for accident assistance, take comfort in knowing that we have the necessary skills, safety precautions and equipment to effectively load up your vehicle and clean up the scene. We have long standing relationships with local law enforcement and first responders. We will get you, your family and your vehicle to safety..

Longmont Emergency Towing Services

You'll receive the fastest and most efficient care when you call Northside Towing for emergency car breakdown services. We understand how urgent unexpected accidents and vehicular complications can be, which is why we send our team to deliver immediate assistance.

Our highly trained drivers have the knowledge, experience and skills to reliably handle any emergency incident with the utmost speed and professionalism.

Our comprehensive selection of emergency towing services includes:

  • Accidents: If you get caught in a car accident, we'll come to your aid to remove your car from the scene and transport it to a secure location.
  • Breakdowns: It can be frightening when your car breaks down, especially in an unfamiliar location, inclement weather or at night. If you experience a breakdown, we'll send our qualified professionals to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible.
  • WinchingWe use our heavy-duty equipment to pull vehicles out of the most dangerous positions and return them to safety. If your car is stuck in a ditch, on an incline or in a snowbank, our emergency winching services can help.
  • Roadside assistance: Whether you're locked out of your car in need of lockout service, you have a flat tire in need of a tire change service or a dead battery and need a jump start, our drivers will provide immediate assistance and get you back on the road in no time.

No matter the need, our number one priority is helping you stay safe.

Benefits of Emergency Services at Northside Towing

If you need urgent assistance, consider calling Northside Towing. Our emergency tow truck services offer numerous benefits to stranded motorists, including:

  • Minimum response times.
  • Towing safety measures.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Around-the-clock assistance.
  • Expert operators.
  • Convenient assistance at any location.


Call Northside Towing for an Emergency Tow Truck

For immediate emergency assistance for your vehicle, choose Northside Towing. We've served as a reliable and trustworthy source in northern Colorado for decades, making us a company you can depend on. Contact us or give us a call at 303-776-5114 to book our services today.


Jessica M.

Got a flat last week with no air conditioner on I-25 with my 13 year old daughter on our way home from Aurora and Bryan was out within 20 min to help! He was very friendly and made sure we were safe in his truck when arriving. I have always and will always continue to use Northside towing! Also the best prices around!

Dean M.

So great to have such an awesome driver and prompt, friendly service. Travis did an amazing job for me and I strongly recommend Northside Towing. Wish I could give more stars!!

Tom P.

Great service from Will on Towing my classic Corvette. Will called ahead and was right on time. He treated my car carefully just like I would, was very professional and got my car to the shop without any worries. I would recommend Northside to anyone in the car hobby.