No one wants their car to break down, but it can happen to anyone. If you find yourself stuck on the road in northern Colorado, the friendly and professional team at Northside Towing can help. Our towing services get you and your car to safety. We’ve put together this guide of essential tips so you can protect yourself and your vehicle in case of a breakdown.


What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Freeway

If your car breaks down, you should immediately put on your emergency flashers. These flashers make you more visible to oncoming motorists and let other drivers know there’s a problem. If you call a tow truck driver, the driver will also be able to see you more clearly with your flashers on.

Next, slow down and pull over off the road. Getting off the road is especially important on the freeway, where faster speeds and heavier traffic increase the risk of secondary accidents. If possible, pull over to the right shoulder, on a flat surface away from traffic. Engage your emergency brake. If you’re on a slope, turn your wheels away from the road so you’ll move away from traffic if your car starts to roll.

Once you’re out of the road, stay in your car. Freeway traffic can pose a serious danger if you get out and walk around. You’re personally safer in your vehicle, especially if you’re alone, in an unfamiliar place or if it’s nighttime. If you do need to get out of your car for any reason, use the car door furthest from traffic and make sure the road is clear before you exit the vehicle.

Stay visible to other drivers while you wait for assistance to arrive. Keep your emergency flashers on, place flares or reflective triangles around your car or pop the hood to remain visible, let others know your car is having trouble and avoid secondary accidents.


Who Do I Call for Help?

If you’ve run out of gas and are close to home, you can call a friend for help. Otherwise, you may wish to contact roadside assistance or your insurer if you have roadside services. If you feel unsafe for any reason, call 911 or local police. If your car breaks down around northern Colorado, call a tow truck at Northside Towing. We’re here to help you get on your way safely.


Why Call Northside Towing?

Northside Towing has been helping northern Colorado drivers for more than 40 years. We can tow vehicles of all kinds, from a smaller sedan to a truck. Our caring team knows that a car breakdown is a stressful and frustrating situation, which is why we’re committed to bringing you peace of mind with our exceptional customer service.

At Northside Towing, our professional and courteous drivers arrive on-site quickly, whether you need help with a flat tire, tow or other services. We always agree with you on a price before sending a tow truck out, so there are no surprises. Contact Northside Towing today for fast help when you need it.


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