Flatbed Towing Services in Colorado

When your car breaks down, the first thing that often comes to mind is how you can get it to the shop safely without risking further damage. Using a flatbed towing service can set your mind at ease.

Northside Towing offers flatbed towing in Colorado to assist you in an emergency or other situation where you need to transport your car from one place to another. Our friendly staff can help you set up an appointment and get your vehicle where it needs to be. We can tow passenger vehicles as well as heavy equipment, depending on your needs.

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How Do Flatbeds Work?

Flatbed trucks rely on a mechanical system to move the flatbed up and down, turning it into a ramp and then making it flat again. When you call us, we bring the truck to your location and move the car to the bed by fastening the wheels to the trucks, then stringing them with chains that are attached to the flatbed. Once we pull the vehicle up via winching and thoroughly secure it on the ramp, we hit a button that moves the flatbed back into place.

The car will be secure on the truck, allowing your driver to move the vehicle to the auto shop or wherever you want us to take it. Flatbed trucks are sturdy and strong, and they can transport a range of vehicles including cars, trucks, heavy equipment and motorcycles.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Flatbed?

Selecting the right towing vehicle can help you get your car serviced faster and eliminate the headaches that come with a breakdown. Here are three advantages to using a flatbed for towing:


  • Flexibility: No matter what type of vehicle you have, a flatbed truck can move it, including heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks. Flatbeds are also ideal for cars that have been immobilized and can’t move any other way.
  • Safety: Your vehicle is off the ground when you use a flatbed truck, so your axles or tires can’t suffer additional damage during the trip to the auto shop. You can rest assured that your car will stay protected on the way because any road bumps won’t impact the vehicle.
  • Speed: Flatbed towing gets the job done fast. One of the main benefits of flatbed towing is that these trucks can drive at regular speeds since they don’t have anything attached to the back. The load sits securely on the truck itself, allowing the driver to stay at the speed limit.

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Why Use a Flatbed From Northside Towing?

We have reliable, up-to-date equipment and can get out to help you quickly. Our trained drivers know how to get your car onto the truck fast and bring you to the right place so you can start the repair process. With more than 40 years in the business, we have a reputation in the community for providing excellent service.

When you call Northside Towing, you can have confidence that we’ll transport your vehicle where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

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