Classic Car Towing Services

You love your classic car. You spent hours restoring it, and you enjoy driving it on weekends and showing it off at car shows. However, since classic cars are often decades old, they can be more prone to breaking down. How can you get your classic car fixed if it’s broken in your driveway?

You need classic car towing services to get your ride to the shop for care. Our team has assisted many classic car owners with their towing needs. We’ll provide an experienced driver to take your vehicle to an auto shop so it can get the attention it deserves.

classic car flatbed towing services

When Do You Need to Tow a Classic Car?

Classic cars develop many of the same problems as modern vehicles. They can suffer electronic system failures, overheat on the highway or lose battery power. But classic cars also have their own unique issues, such as difficulty finding parts or pest infestations that develop when the vehicle is in storage.

Many classic cars sit in garages or driveways for months at a time. You may not realize until it’s too late that you have a dead battery or an issue that keeps your car from starting, leaving you in need of towing services to relocate it.

Classic car towing services are also ideal for moving vintage vehicles without adding miles to the odometer or risking damage by driving on poorly maintained roads.

What Precautions Do We Take When Towing a Classic Car?

You care deeply about your classic car and don’t want it to get hurt when it’s towed. At Northside Towing, we understand these concerns. We take a range of precautions when we tow a classic car to ensure it stays in pristine condition.

We can provide a flatbed tow for vintage vehicles with low clearance, as these could be damaged with a regular tow. We employ soft straps to secure your car to the flatbed without leaving any marks. We also use soft tire nets to improve safety.

When our driver arrives to tow the car, they will talk to you about any unique concerns or things to look out for as they move the vehicle. They also wear gloves to avoid so much as a smudge to the paint. We use a winch to pull the classic car onto the flatbed by its undercarriage, a process that ensures we avoid any potential for damage. We’ll prioritize your car’s delivery, avoiding frequent starts and stops and driving carefully to stay away from potholes or fast turns.

Why Choose Us for Colorado Classic Car Towing?

Northside Towing has been Colorado’s trusted choice for towing classic cars and other vehicles for more than 40 years. We understand how to get the job done well. Our many satisfied customers appreciate our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry that sets us apart. We treat every car as though it belonged to us, giving it the gentle care it deserves.

Our family-owned business has an excellent reputation in the community for our customer service and responsiveness. We discuss pricing when you call so that there are no surprises when we arrive. Reach out online or call (303) 776-5114 today for classic car towing services.


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