Motorcycle Towing Services

As a motorcycle rider, you’re passionate about your ride, and you take great care of it. Unfortunately, even the best-maintained bikes can have a breakdown, and when that happens, you need a way to tow your motorcycle. If you need towing in Colorado, Northside Towing offers services that can assist you.

How Does Motorcycle Breakdown Towing Work?

When your bike breaks down, call us immediately to give us the location. We use flatbed trucks to haul your motorcycle to the auto shop for repairs. We make sure it’s secured to the bed before we drive, and we avoid potholes and fast turns to ensure it stays upright as we ride to the shop. The tilting beds on our trucks make it easy to load the bike on and off.

Full-Service Motorcycle Towing in Colorado

When your bike breaks down, call Northside Towing. We provide full motorcycle towing services, giving you a helping hand every step along the way. Our experienced drivers expertly attach your bike to the flatbed truck and drive carefully to reduce the chance of anything happening to it on the trip.

Once we arrive at your destination, we carefully remove the bike from the flatbed. If you aren’t from the area, we can help identify the best place to take your motorcycle for service or suggest a place to wait out the repairs.

How to Prepare for a Motorcycle Breakdown

No one wants their motorcycle to break down, but being prepared can save you headaches down the road. You should make your way to the shoulder immediately if you feel something going wrong on your motorcycle. A blown tire will be noticeable, but some problems are more challenging to detect. Trust your instincts, and if something on the motorcycle seems even a little bit off, stop to address it. Be sure to follow these other tips as well:


  • Keep your bike as far away from traffic as possible to reduce the chances of a collision.
  • Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to your presence and that you’ve had a breakdown.
  • Use your phone’s map app to determine where you are.


When you call for assistance, offer your location and any identifying details of where you stopped. Look for the mile marker so you can provide that as well.

What Do You Need on Your Motorcycle in Case You Break Down?

You may not be able to fix your motorcycle when it breaks down, but you can use some tools to help immediately. You should carry:


  • A small light to identify problem areas in the dark.
  • A white shirt or towel to tie to the motorcycle to show that you’re in distress.
  • A tire gauge to determine if you have a flat.
  • A small tool kit to assist in tightening parts.


Why Use Northside for Motorcycle Towing?

We are the top motorcycle towing company in Colorado, and we offer exceptional customer care. Northside drivers are responsive and responsible, and they make sure you know exactly what to expect from our service. We agree to the price on the phone before coming out to tow to ensure we are both on the same page. Our team has more than four decades of experience, and we always stay calm in an emergency.

Contact us online today with questions or call us at (303) 776-5114 for motorcycle towing.


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